In a world that's fast-paced and full of chaos, it makes sense that many couple are turning to having microweddings to celebrate their special day. As an intimate wedding photographer, I've had the opportunity to capture the fun, joy, and intimacy of many small weddings in the Baltimore area. There are many reasons why couples choose to have micro weddings but let's dig into the top 5 reasons why.

Quality Time

Microweddings offer an intimate feel, which drastically differs from weddings with massive wedding parties. Instead of searching for 15 minutes for bridesmaids and groomsmen number 15 and 16 who “ran to the bar right quick”, microweddings offer a sweet escape from the wedding party hunt, providing a chance to slow down and enjoy the important moments. Imagine standing in front of your most important people and exchanging vows that will carry your marriage for a lifetime; every word being heard and witnessed by the closest people in your lives. Microweddings are great because they allow couples to focus on their commitment to each other and have close family and friends support them as they make that commitment. The quality time spent almost comes naturally. Laughter will come easily and without reservation, creating memories you’ll cherish forever. The young kiddos will enjoy dancing with their parents, aunts, and uncles because well, they know them. As a micro wedding photographer, I've witnessed the magic that unfolds when couples prioritize quality time.

The Details

Now this is where I get the most enjoyment out of a micro wedding. Photographing your details is almost a dream come true. With the slower pace, it allows me more than enough time to focus on the details that you worked so hard to get perfect for your special day. From place settings to invitation suites, to uniquely designed floral arrangements to meaningful trinkets, I promise no detail is left untouched. Also, this allows for more time to personalize the wedding details when there are 100 guests or less. 

The Cost

One of the main attractions of a micro wedding is the cost. By having fewer guests, decision-making is generally easier for couples regarding their wants and needs for their special day. With their budget, couples can invest in many things such as elaborate floral arrangements, special accents in the decor, personalized toasting flutes, fine dining wedding food, luxury wedding photographers, and a world-class wedding planning team. Also with this approach, there’s more budget for fancy wedding invitation suites. 

The Memories

Small weddings run at an unhurried pace, allowing time for your family and friends to enjoy the moments. On your wedding day, you will get to witness the younger generations spend time with the older generations. They dance with one another and share funny stories both in each other’s company and the wedding toasts. Heartfelt vows are shared, new bonds are made and those memories are cherished forever. Selecting a great photographer to capture these cherished moments, leads to printed and framed family keepsakes that will be cherished for many years to come. Those memorable moments that are captured lead to stories to tell forever…your family’s legacy. 

Venue Options

One of the best and undeniable parts of having a micro wedding is the freedom to choose unique venues that cater to your vision. As an experienced intimate wedding photographer in Baltimore, I’ve enjoyed capturing couple's love at various micro wedding venues. Some of my favorites are Celebrations at the Bay’s waterfront Knollview House, Grey Rock Mansion’s beautiful garden, Anchor Inn’s Waterfront Venue in Pasadena. MD, Wylder Hotel Tilghman Island, and 1840s Plaza elopement venue. I’d love to capture an elopement at Chase Court or an intimate wedding at the Ivy Hotel in the near future. 

In such a busy world, the decision to have a micro wedding is such a deliberate choice. Spending quality time with loved ones to celebrate your love, making memories that last forever, focusing money and energy on the details, and having lots of venue options are all great reasons to invest in a micro wedding. But the overall best part is celebrating and capturing your love story with the ones who love and know you best. The wedding pictures are always the best proof in that.